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I am the father of two adorable kids, husband to a wife who has a strong mindset to put up with me since we met ten years ago (Thank you!), and I am the nerd photographer!

Before I started serious photography, I worked as illustrator of children's books, and as animator / storyteller of computer graphics.  One day, I helped one of my friends at his wedding as the second photographer and I felt "Wow! This is an exciting, lovely work!! "

I fell in love with taking photographs that tell the story of the most beautiful and important moments and I have wanted to create the artistic way through the lens by capturing every unmissable moment.

Now, I have been working as a photographer for 10 years, not only in wedding photography but also fashion photography. ​

My Style of photography is story telling.

When I do a wedding photography project,  I move like a Ninja that is not seen by anybody.

My style of photography is capturing the dramatic moments of the story. I create photographs that are not only just static wedding photos, but works of art.

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